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We use a proven process to determine your goals and investment style and develop a personalised plan to meet your needs.

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With a collective experience of over 200 years, our Planners are highly motivated to assist clients in achieving what is important to them.

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We understand that each client is different, and recognise that over your lifetime your situation and financial goals will change, so should your advice.

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Welcome to Eureka Whittaker Macnaught

Knowing you’ve found the expertise of a trusted financial partner is like discovering something of great value. Eureka! You’ve found what you’re looking for. Time to stop the search, know what should be done, and gain more financial independence.

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Our 5 Step Advice Process

STEP 1 DISCOVER We complete a detailed diagnosis of your We meet and explain our advice process current situation, and we turn your lifestyle
goals into achievable objectives. to you and your spouse, if you are a couple.
change for you to reach your objectives. We analyse the financial details of your
Along with our paraplanning team, we model will help get you there. investment risk. We assess what needs to current position, including your attitude to appropriate strategies and product options that
STEP 3 RECOMMEND We answer any questions you have and We meet again and recommend suitable ensure you understand how our advice helps objectives. strategies, products and services in a We answer any questions you have and ensure you STEP 4 IMPLEMENT
team will help your planner put your plan We agree on which recommendations are into action. Where appropriate, your planner an accountant or solicitor. to be implemented, and our client services may work with other specialist such as
each year so that you stay on track. Your We are on call for you as challenges arise, time, and there will be opportunities with you and will work hard in your best interest. ensure your plan is formally reviewed
investments and legislative change—we will be circumstances and objectives will alter over
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Our Services

Investment Strategies

We can recommend investment portfolios designed to provide returns suited to each client’s risk profile and lifestage, including tailored advice for clients seeking ethical investment solutions.

Aged Care Advice

Specialist advice for people looking at placing a loved one into an aged care facility. We understand it can be difficult and emotionally challenging.

SMSF Services

A wide range of strategies for trustees and members across the entire life cycle of a fund. From our initial health check, to pension and estate planning.

Risk Insurance

Specialist knowledge and experience in providing clients with a sound financial plan and appropriate products to protect individiuals and business.

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For people who prefer to receive financial advice on just one specific financial need, we offer EurekaEssentials®. This package is for clients looking for simple service and guidance. Clients may be young and just starting out, or those not ready for holistic financial planning advice. The service is limited to advice on basic financial decisions such as superannuation, managed funds or insurance.


A premium service package for people who have more complex needs and want a close working relationship with their planner. ArchimedesClients® are willing to act on professional financial planning advice and are serious about success—they have life goals and are motivated to achieve them.


Our ArchimedesPlus package incorporates everything in the ArchimedesClients® package, plus additional wealth creation and wealth management benefits, including discounted Statement of Advice fees. Generally they will have more complicated advice needs, for example, Self Managed Superannuation Fund advice.


These clients work with our most senior financial planners. They can be successful executives or business owners, often requiring a succession solution. We coordinate your other professional advisers so you can focus on what’s most important to you. EurekaPrivate clients are charged advice fees tailored to their needs. There are no other fees or charges for additional advice that may arise throughout the year.